“He wasn’t an actor dog,” Warren told amNY. “Looking for a three-legged dog was very specific, so he was learning a bit on the fly. We got to a place where later in the season we formed a bond. He does keep you on your toes, sometimes he’d just go left when I’m going right … But when he came on set everyone just lit up.”

While the Belfast-born performer is flattered by the comparisons to This Is Us, he thinks audiences will be pleasantly surprised by the shows’ differences. “There’s a lot of heart and hope, and I think that’s where the comparison comes in … but I do think we’re quite different in how we approach things and how our storylines intersect,” Warren shared.

“You’ve got so many access points. There are so many different families you can relate to. I think that’s what’ll draw you in, but the hope after that is that it interests you to care about a storyline you might not have cared about on paper.”

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