Hide your kids and hide your wife, it’s officially Aries season and we don’t know if we’re ready. It’s true that Pisces season lasted an unusually long time and that everyone and their mother ended up somehow celebrating their birthdays in March. But it’s finally time to move forward!

And that means the memes are coming — because what’s a better way to mark the passing of time? Send these to your March 21-April 19 friends, or to the friends of yours who fear the Aries wrath (which would be the Taurus, Aries and Libras of the group). 

In the off-chance you can’t figure out your friends’ birthdays or which ones of them are Aries, I’ve found a trick that works pretty flawlessly (you’re welcome). Think of the baddest, bossiest, most confrontational friends you have and then subtract all the known Leos from that group.

That should leave you with your favorite Aries friends, who, you can trust, are already going off about it being Aries season. Send them these memes to stoke their fire and congratulate them for being born.

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