So far, these are mostly as enigmatic as they were when they dropped in the December trailer, which also revealed that the show would flash ahead to the summer of 1985.

Romance is in the air, and everything still sucks for Will.

Puberty definitely seems to be in full swing this season, and that brings some major shifts in the group dynamic, it appears. While Mike and Eleven still seem to be going strong, so too are Lucas and Max. Dustin may not be dating, but his bromance with Steve Harrington is still going strong. And speaking of Steve, he seems to have a potential new love interest in Robin, a girl who works with him at the mall (played by Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke).

Will, however, seems more alone than ever, and a few shots have us and other fans online worried that he might even be getting ready to leave town.

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