A UK family is looking to hire a part-time nanny for $53,000 a year, but there’s one catch: they have to dress like a Disney princess the whole time.

One of the best parts about hanging around children is their boundless enthusiasm. They’ll get more excited about the prospect of playing with a balloon than most people have for their own wedding days. The amount of happiness they’ll get from watching a single episode of their favorite cartoon trumps any news of a promotion that an adult receives.

If you’re a parent, feeding that enthusiasm becomes contagious, so you’re constantly thinking of ways to make them happy (without spoiling them rotten, of course). This is probably why I find myself browsing cool toys and reading up on things my son might like in lieu of the things I might want to buy for myself.

It’s just that he enjoys it so much more than I do, so if I had the money, why wouldn’t I hire a nanny who could also double as a fake paleontologist or heck, dress up in a dinosaur costume themselves? My dinosaur-obsessed son would be over the moon.

I imagine that’s what was going through the heads of this British couple, who are the proud parents of 5-year-old twin girls — both of whom are obsessed with Disney princesses, like a lot of five year old girls are.

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