This whole thing reminds me of my favorite films of all time, The Pope of Greenwich Village. A lot of stuff goes on in the movie, but the plot centers on Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke hatching a scheme that involves a racehorse. 

Without getting too graphic, Roberts and Rourke’s plan involves securing a prized horse’s seed so they can sell it to horse breeders and produce themselves a champion-level horse at a fraction of the cost. Also, Eric Roberts gets his thumb cut off in the film and it’s very sad but also amazing. 

As for Armando, he’s  probably kept under a tight lock and key so I don’t imagine anyone would be able to pull off a similar scheme with Belgium’s greatest long-distance racing champion. 

Armando has an impressive history of winning pigeon races and is so revered in the pigeon-racing community that he commanded a whopping $1.4 million dollar price tag. A Chinese buyer purchased the bird and is most definitely cooking up ways  to take the competitive pigeon racing world by storm. 

The buyer’s identity remains anonymous, but here’s hoping for his sake Armando isn’t sterile, although I’d imagine there were tests to verify that sort of thing before he went on sale. Could you imagine if he was though? That would be amazing. 

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