When the two brothers put their heads together in an attempt to come up with the perfect birthday gift for their dad’s upcoming 62nd, they were fresh out of ideas. But then Chris Jr. had an epiphany:

“I called my brother and I asked him, ‘Why don’t we put a billboard right outside of Atlantic City saying, ‘Wish my dad a Happy Birthday.’ And he loved it. He started dying laughing. So that’s what we did.”

On Thursday morning, their father, who lives in New Jersey, received his first text. He had no idea who it was from. All it said was “Happy Birthday.”

Chris Sr. texted back saying, “Who are you?”

The stranger responded, “My name is Nick.”

“How do you know my birthday is coming up?” Chris Sr. asked, probably freaking out that someone he’s never met out of the blue knew so much about his personal life.

Nick’s response? “I saw it on a billboard.”

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