A robber gains some praise after giving back the money he took on the woman at the ATM after finding out she has nothing left in her bank.

  • Man robs a woman at an ICBC bank ATM at Guangdong city in China
  • The unnamed thief greed kicks in demand his victim surnamed Li to show him her bank balance
  • The robber took pity on her and gives back the money after finding out she has nothing left
  • Netizens dubbed the man as the modern day “Robin Hood,” a crook who only steals from the rich
A CCTV shows a woman surnamed Li at an ICBC bank late one night withdrawing at the ATM when a man comes up behind her with a knife.
Fearing for her life, Li handed over the 2,500 yuan ($372) that she has just withdrawn from her account to the assailant.
However, the unnamed thief’s greediness kicked in and wants more and demands that she shows him her bank balance.
The terrified woman obliges, however things begun to change the moment the thug saw the big fat ZERO on Li’s bank account.
The robber suddenly had a change of heart and return the money he stole and left the place with a smirk on his face.

The woman is left stunned and baffled.

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Reportedly, the incident occurred in Heyuan City, South China, however, though the guy returned the cash, he was captured and the detained for the threats he made with a knife.

Surprisingly, netizens have already dubbed him the modern day “Robin Hood,” a crook who only steals from the rich.

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