Sickening footage shows toddler being run over by a car and gets trapped under rear wheel in eastern China as dozens of passersby came to the rescue.

  • Toddler miraculously survives after being run over by a car and gets trapped by the rear wheel
  • Dozens of passersby men and women rushed and lifted the car to free the child
  • The 2-year-old girl amazingly suffers minor injuries

In the video, a white hatchback was seen turning onto a street and didn’t saw the child who is straying away from his mum and her friend.

And in seconds, the 2-year-old girl gets flattened by the car and its nearside wheel runs over the kid and trapped her.
The hysterical mother desperately screams for help, a dozen nearby men and women rush to the vehicle and miraculously lifted the car to free the child.

The little girl was rushed to a hospital and incredibly, doctors confirmed that the child had sustained only minor injuries.

Watch the video

The heart-stopping incident took place in the city of Zhangzhou in China’s eastern Fujian Province and it is unclear if the car driver was detained by the police.

Via: The Sun