Newlywed couple teasing on their wedding day is such a common thing however, one groom is not a fan of it abruptly slaps his spouse in front of shocked guests after teasing him with a slice of cake.

  • Groom slaps new wife for teasing him with wedding cake
  • Bride playfully pulls the cake away from her husband’s mouth with a smile on her face
  • However, her irritated husband didn’t enjoy her affectionate behavior and forcefully strikes her on the cheek

In the video, it seems the atmosphere of this wedding is bit heavy and the newlywed man can be seen quite agitated during their wedding cake ceremony.

The motionless groom feeding his wife a piece of cake however, during the bride turns she playfully pulls the cake away from his mouth with a smile on her face.

Shockingly, her husband was not amused and angrily slap her face

The groom hit so hard it caused the bride to fall backwards on a seat behind her, while the woman holding the plate of cake grabbed then man appears to pull him away in fear he will continue to lash out.

The unnamed bride can be seen in the clip holding her face in agony as concerned guests comfort her.

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