A male patient craving for a smoke casually walks out of the hospital despite the life threatening knife embedded in his back.

  • Nearly naked man walks out the hospital for a cigarette with knife plunged in his back
  • Vladimir, 34, is bleeding from his wound but still crave for a smoke at the hospital at Kazan, Russia
  • He agreed to return to bed when doctor told him, ‘You are about to die’
The man identified only as Vladimir, 34, is bleeding from his wound and agreed to return to his bed at the hospital at Kazan, Russia when he was told ‘You are about to die’.

A nurse filmed the wounded man dressed only in his underwear while other staff to reason with him, informing him about his fatal condition with knife was plunged so deep that only the handle was visible.

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The female nurse is heard on the video asking him: ‘Vladimir, are you mad?’ How far are you going? as he walks through the hospital – stooping from pain and at one point clutching a railing for support.

The hospital staff continued, ‘It is winter outside. Come back’ then he turns and tells her he is going ‘for a smoke’.

However, it was then pointed out that he didn’t have any but still, Vladimir managed to leave the hospital where temperatures outside were -10°C and there was snow on the ground.

A male doctor warns him: ‘Young man, you are going to die now, Let’s go, have an injection and you go home.’

He eventually agreed, Vladimir had undergone surgery to remove the knife and was in a ‘stable’ condition.

Via: Metro, Daily Mail