A rare white-albino squirrel spotted having a lovely time clambering about just a mile from the center of Scotland’s capital.

  • Rare albino squirrel seen wondering around near the center of Scotland’s capital
  • Carl Hurst spotted the woodland creature and started filming
  • It seems the squirrel look directly at Carl filming with his camera before climbing the tall wall

Carl Hurst spotted the woodland creature at his work and began filming as the albino grey squirrel scaled a massive fence in the Gorgie area of Edinburgh.

Carl captioned the post: “Had no idea they existed but spotted a white squirrel at work in Edinburgh today.

“Scared it off the closer I got. It had red eyes and apparently albino ones have red eyes.”

Watch the video

The video shows the exceptional animal sniffing around leaves and appears to stand up and look directly at Carl filming with his camera.
Then the squirrel brace itself to climb just over three quarters the height of the fence and stops at branch that is poking through from a tree on the other side.
Amazingly, it seems the wild crawler appears to have stretches out on the branch just before the video ends.
Carl’s astonishing clip has attracted multiple comments from many animal lovers:

@Lancashire_Lou said: “Where?! I need to [eye emoji].”

@JoHynd commented: “There used to be one that lived in the trees at Edinburgh zoo and would steal the porcupine’s food.”

Samantha Thomson said: “Never seen an Albino style squirrel before!”

Carl said he couldn’t believe his luck and hopes to have a better camera on him if he spots it again.

He said, “I was surprised, I never knew there was such a thing.

‘Apparently one has been spotted there a few times so hopefully I’ll get a better picture in the future.”

The albino condition, caused by genetic disorder which reduces melanin, affects around one in a million greys which means, the squirrels are believed to have sight and hearing problems, making life in the wild very difficult for them.

However, the one Carl spotted was doing fine and a frequent visitor to the place according to his colleagues.

He said, “According to work colleagues this one is around frequently so hopefully I’ll spot it again.”

Via: Deadline News, Mirror