Girls who come from broken homes are always questioning how someone really feels about them, what their true intentions are, what their true colors are really like and if it’s only a matter of time before they walk away because they know that scenario all too well. They know that promises can be broken and that love can easily die. They’ve seen their home slowly collapse. They’ve seen their family image become distorted and somehow overnight their whole reality changed and they were left to deal with it.

Girls who come from broken homes don’t always know what’s it like to be whole, a piece of them is always lost, a piece of them is always broken and a piece of them is always trying to remember what it felt like to be part of something, to belong, to have a real shelter from everything that’s wrong with the world. They don’t remember the last time they went on a family trip. They don’t remember the last time they looked forward to a family occasion. Family matters are always unpleasant because it brings up a lot of bad memories, it brings up a lot of unhealed wounds and it forces them to pick a side. To pick a team and in that scenario, someone always loses.

Girls who come from broken homes were taught that love is meaningless, that love hurts and that they’re better off on their own. They were taught to never need a man too much or believe in happily ever after. They were told that being strong means making it on their own, that depending on anyone else is a recipe for disaster and that trusting someone else with their heart will always lead to disappointment. They were taught to guard their hearts because love only brings pain. Love only brings suffering and a healthy relationship doesn’t exist.

Girls who come from broken homes got used to the stereotypical labels; damaged, dramatic, daddy issues, complicated, tough, hard to handle. But the truth is, as much as they could be hard to love, they love the hardest. Their love is unmatched. Once they love, they will give everything they’ve been missing, everything they’ve been needing and everything they’ve been suppressing. Once they love, they vow to make it work. They vow to fill their home with the love they didn’t feel in their own. They vow to never make their partner feel neglected because they know how it feels and they vow to always keep the relationship intact, to never let themselves live through another broken home again.

Girls who come from broken homes rarely fall in love, but once they do, they will make it their happily ever after. They vow to make this one last forever. They vow to make their home, the one they always dreamed of. The one they always longed for. The one that’s too strong and too secure to ever break. TC mark

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