Mourning relatives were left distraught after pallbearer fell on top of the coffin causing the body to roll out during funeral.

  • Pallbearer loses footing and falls on top of the coffin while being lowered to the ground
  • The dead woman’s body rolls out of the casket as the cracked open while they struggle to get it out of the grave
  • Eventually, they were able to get it out and put the cover back in place and continued the funeral
The tragic accident happened in Pampas, Peru as the pallbearer stumbled on his footing while the casket was being lowered into the grave.
The man slip and falls, tumbling into the plot and turning the coffin on its side.
The drop cracked the lid open and despite the effort to keep it close, the deceased elderly woman’s body still rolls out of the coffin.
The men were unsuccessful to turn the box around with the lid on it and were forced to pull it out, displaying the body for everyone to see.
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Eventually, they manage to get out of the grave and the body was eventually interred correctly, then put the cover back in place and proceed with the funeral as planned without any further mistakes.

Via: Daily Mail