The girl who tells you she does not want anything serious has been hurt in the past. She knows how much of a struggle it is to overcome heartache — and she does not have time for that right now. She needs time to focus on herself. She has other things to worry about than the state of her heart. She has a career she is passionate about pursuing. She has friends and family members who are in deep need of her support. The last thing she needs to add to her overflowing plate is a messy relationship that will take up the bulk of her time. When she tells you she doesn’t want anything serious, she is not lying to look cool and edgy. She is dead serious. She means every word.

The girl who tells you she does not want anything serious is not a piece of meat for you to toss around like a toy. She is not someone you can hurt without feeling remorse. Even though she might get flirtatious with you or agree to a one-night stand does not mean she is any less deserving of your respect than a girl who is searching for a serious relationship. This girl still deserves to be treated with kindness. She still deserves to be looked in the eyes. She deserves to be spoken to with respect. She is not a plaything. She is not a sex object. She is a human being with a heart. She just happens to be looking for something to fulfill her other than love.

The girl who tells you she does not want anything serious is not trying to challenge you. She is not hoping you will show up at her front stoop in the middle of the night with a bouquet of roses and a mix tape in her honor. She does not want you to play the role of the knight who saves her because she doesn’t need saving. She doesn’t need a relationship. If she tells you she is not looking for anything serious, the last thing she wants is for you to cross any boundaries. She does not want you to fight to change her mind about dating. She wants you to respect her decision. She wants you to understand where she is coming from or leave so she can find someone else who does.

The girl who tells you she does not want anything serious might change her mind when she meets the right person. She might realize settling down is not as scary when it’s with the right person. She might decide she is the relationship type after all. But she might not. She might mean it when she says she is happiest when she is single. She might prefer to work toward her career goals than reach meaningless relationship milestones. She might never change her mind about relationships. She might never get into a serious one. And no one should give her crap about it. TC mark

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