Chris continued, “I often joke, ‘Oh, it is the most dramatic thing ever.’ And I don’t want to do that, because it does a disservice to what this conversation is about. Kudos to both of them for her speaking about it and Colton receiving it the right way and then having the conversation that he did. It was very memorable, and something that is going to change the course of the entire show.”

Previously, Caelynn spoke about her traumatic experience and revealed that she now dedicates her time to educating people on what to do after being sexually assaulted. “My whole world was flipped upside down,”  she said during a press conference at the High Point Chamber of Commerce. “I didn’t know what you should do when you report, I didn’t know what my rights were, I didn’t know what the process was. These are guys that I did YoungLife with, these are guys that went to high schools around me, I knew these guys for years.” 

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