Moments after this family member’s comment surfaced, the bride deleted her original post, which in turn erased the entire thread. Talk about family drama. Personally, I’d like to see this whole story from the former bridesmaid’s perspective. 

It’s one thing to weed guests out of your wedding for their dietary preferences, but it’s another entirely to disinvite members of your bridal party after they’ve agreed to play a part in your wedding celebration. Also, unless you’ve recently been out to eat with every single person on your guest list, it’s hard to imagine how this picky bride knows who is and isn’t vegan. 

Plus, after making that kind of a fuss, you’d better hope you’re not inadvertently using leather or leather details ANYWHERE or even animal-derived ink in any of your pens, for that matter. Boy, I wish I was a fly on the wall of this wedding. I’d spend every moment of the party evaluating the animal cruelty used in any of the products, bridal outfits, cleaning products, you name it. It better look exactly like this horrendous vegan suite Hilton recently unveiled or this bride and groom are just as complicit as the omnivores they’ve banned from their party.

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