A funny moment where a mother throws flip-flop at her daughter at from impossibly long distance and shockingly hit her.

  • A mother launched sandal at least 30 meters down street in Mexico after family row
  • The flip-flop soared high through the air and surprisingly whacked teenager between the shoulders
  • One Twitter user joked: ‘That flip-flop has a heat-seeking radar for sure’
The unbelievable scene happened somewhere in Mexico when a mother walked out into the street to pursue her daughter who ran away after a family row.
The girl already gained at least 30 meters down the street when her mother took her sandal off and lined up the seemingly impossible shot.

A man can be heard in the background of the clip, saying: ‘Go on, hit her, hit her!’

Despite the distance, the angry mother launched her flip-flop at her fleeing teenage daughter with an incredible long range shot.

Incredibly, the flip-flop flies high into the air like an arrow and shockingly hitting her daughter between the shoulders.
Stunned, the teen shrieks before falling to the ground and rolling about in the street and brings her to a halt.

Surprised to what she had witnessed, the mother begins laughing so hard that she has to hold on to a nearby parked car for support.

Watch the video

The hilarious video was originally posted on Twitter by @nino_triqui, where it quickly garnered over 1.3million views, 27,000 retweets and over 61,000 likes.

People have praised the mother for her world-class talent in the noble art of the ‘chanclazo volador’ (flying flip-flop), which is said to be a popular way for Mexican mothers to punish their disobedient daughters.

One user said: ‘That flip-flop has a heat-seeking radar for sure’.

Another added: ‘All my respect and admiration to that lady! That should be an Olympic sport!’

The third one added that the mum should be considered as a “first draft” pick for the NFL.

While, someone even suggested she should join the Avengers after “challenging the laws of gravity”.

Via: Daily Mail, Mirror