As a parent, I can’t help but praise the potty training hack this mother devised for her daughter.

We all know raising a child is full of wonderful challenges — beautiful, painful, disgusting, messy challenges. I’m not just talking about changing dirty diapers. I’m talking about that transitional period when you’re training your child to get out of diapers.

Newsflash: children aren’t like cats. They don’t (usually) have the instinct to poop and pee in a designated spot because they’re just naturally clean. A kid won’t eventually be like, “Oh yeah, this toilet, I should go and poop in it. I see everyone else doing it, so I guess that’s what I gotta do now.”

It takes persistence, dedication, grit, a very strong stomach, and lots and lots and lots of back-up pairs of underwear. Seriously, buy as many as you can if you’re a parent and have yet to potty train your child.

The thing about regular underwear is that it’s not as absorbent as a diaper, so when accidents occur, so does leakage. It gets on the floor and possibly all over the house. Ever change a baby’s diaper and then they kick their legs and leave brown streaks all over their favorite stuffed animal? Well that happened to me,. It’s not fun.

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