Who is Ricky’s ex-wife, Kristin Barnes? 

Before Linnea, Ricky, 41, was married to Kristin Barnes for seven years until they officially divorced in 2016. Ricky met Kristin in 2001, when she worked on the New Orleans Saints’ team plane — and tied the knot after the birth of their daughter. 

The couple share three kids: Prince, Elijah, and Asha. According to her Facebook page, Kristin is currently single. 

In 2015, Kristin opened up to  Sports Illustrated about her then-husband and tried to explain his “unconventional” lifestyle. 

“On our second date, I remember him laying certain things out: one, most of my friends are females, two, I love to travel and I will never want to travel with you,” she said. “He doesn’t have an attachment to material things but he also doesn’t have an attachment to people, you know. I mean, whether it’s me or his mom, his sisters, the kids… a lot of times our kids don’t even notice that he’s gone, which is not necessarily good or bad, but that’s really how he is.” 

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