IMDb classifies ‘Dog as a “rebellious stoner…[who] lives life by his own rules” and the trailer definitely gets that message across when he rides in a plane with a pilot who’s blazed out of his mind. The story seems kind of murky, which makes sense because it just looks like a lot of partying, boat-riding, and general tomfoolery. However, the “main conflict” appears to center around Moondog’s arrest.

The dude’s also got a novel deadline to meet and people are hotly anticipating the legendary party animal’s next work. Between his court appearance, love for drugs, partying, and golf course visits, Moondog also has to get some work done. From the trailer, it’s easy to see McConaughey absolutely owns the role. I mean, he plays bongos while stoned on camera, and there’s a snake involved.

If the movie looks similar to another party film in recent history, that’s because it kind of is.

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