You can kill someone, rape someone, start a war, or destroy the economy, but apparently the United States judicial system doesn’t care as much about those crimes as it does tax fraud.

Take for instance, the case of rapper DMX, who was scheduled to be released from prison on January 27 for, you guessed it, tax fraud.

He was released today, a few days early (one less weekend in jail, woo-hoo!), as is usually the case when an inmate’s release date falls on a weekend. The news came from his lawyer, Murray Richman, who said he spoke to the artist. “He’s coming home tomorrow. I spoke to him; he’s very happy.”

The rapper, known for his growling and barking, and being one of the least vocabulary-diverse artists in hip-hop, pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges in 2017. Had he been convicted on all the charges brought against him, DMX could’ve spent up to 44 years in prison — the maximum sentence for the amount of money he didn’t fork over to Uncle Sam.

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