Oh. My. God:

 “Was moving to a different city and crashed at my dad’s townhouse for a few months to save money for the move. One day a guy showed up to install a satellite dish that my dad ordered.

My dad isn’t the type of guy to pay very close attention to HOA rules, and apparently missed a brand new (and HIGHLY contentious) rule that satellite dishes were “eyesores” and no longer allowed. So just as the installer guy is getting up to the roof, this couple (head of the HOA) comes SPRINTING from their townhouse across the street to shut it down, screaming bloody murder.

I had absolutely no issue with not getting a satellite dish, it wasn’t even my house, but these two HOA thugs were absolutely awful. The wife was just hurling insults at the installer guy and I, and the husband immediately started climbing the ladder up onto the roof to “kick the s–t” out of the installer guy. None of this was provoked at all, it just went from 0-100 mph in no time flat and this couple was out of control.

Well, the installer guy eventually had enough of having racist insults hurled at him and came down the ladder and started a full-on brawl with the husband in my dad’s driveway. The wife was screaming at the top of her lungs at me, a stoned couch-surfer whose only contribution to this whole fiasco was to answer a door and let a guy on the roof. I still vividly remember being absolutely dumbfounded watching these two grown men beat the hell out of each other while I tried to communicate to my dad on the phone over the shrill sounds of some strange woman absolutely berating me for “ruining the neighborhood”.

It was wild.

The wife eventually pulled her husband away from the installer guy, who angrily took his ladder down and launched it into his van and sped off. The couple had a few more choice words for me and then went back across the street. I just stood there flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe anybody would react to a situation like they did, instead of just explaining to me like adults why I couldn’t have the dish installed.

Told my dad the whole story that night about how his failure to comply to HOA rules got me in the middle of a street brawl and he had a good long laugh about it.”

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