Luis Gerardo Méndez (Chava) also shared the sad news on Instagram, writing, “Four years ago, we received a call from Netflix. They wanted us to do a the first original series on the platform for a local audience… that’s where this trip started. It has been four years of deep learning, laughter, sweat and tears. New friends and an extraordinary team of actors and creatives. Four years of receiving special love from many corners of the world. Four years of our lives left in Nuevo Toledo.”

He continued, “Thank you very much to all. Today we say goodbye because we believe that there is nothing better than closing this story at its highest peak and doing honor to the story, without stretching the league. The Netflix experiment that began four years ago with #ClubDeCuervos has been transformed into 35 local series and many more in development worldwide. Thanks to all the team that made it possible. THANKS to you for receiving us with so much love.” 

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