Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Titan Games are well underway and after just three episodes, the reality competition already has had its fair share of drama and gnarly showcases of grit and pure athletic excellence.

If there’s one thing that viewers learned from the NBC series is how diverse the feats of strength and dexterity are — the trials are specifically designed to attack people’s weaknesses.

One competitor on Mount Olympus, for example, couldn’t even pass one obstacle and this was after they caught an early lead. It really adds a heightened level of dramatic tension to the show because some athletes really excel at some challenges more than others, so come-from-behind victories are more common than you’d think.

Here are the winners who’ve tasted victory on Mount Olympus already — who will be advancing to the next rounds and getting closer to the show’s grand prize. We’ll update this post weekly to reflect the show’s current competition standings, so check back weekly for results!

Titan Games winners: 


James Jean-Louis

The first-ever winner in the show in the men’s division, James is a 29-year-old truck driver who wakes up at 4 a.m. every single morning to work out. Then it’s off to complete his deliveries for Budwesier and back home to hang out with his 4-year-old son, Semaj. He says although he’s happy with the result, he’s still got a lot more to prove on the show.


Emily Andzulis

The amateur-MMA fighter was the first female winner on the show, but the 26-year-old massage therapist had a hard-fought victory. She hopes to keep the ball rolling in honor of her sister Sharon Shepard, a bone cancer survivor.


Charity Witt

The powerlifter had an insane come-from-behind victory against fitness model Nikkie Neal, who beat her down Mount Olympus. Nikkie looked like she was well on her way to winning, until she came across the giant stones the women had to drag to the end of the course. Charity made TV magic by grabbing the stone and the chain it was attached to with one hand and made it look like she was carrying a jar of mayonnaise to the check-out aisle. Amazing.


Cole Wadsworth

An American Ninja Warrior competitor, the 32-year-old farmer’s ranch training seems to have paid off — he narrowly beat Quinn Rivera after the two men put in impressive Mount Olympus runs.


Bridger Buckley

After seeing Bridger’s Titan run, it’s crazy to think that he was basically incapacitated at one point after a scary car crash he suffered while riding his bike. He had a close victory over Steven Hoppe.


Nika Sedghi

Nika’s dominant victory was in honor of her recently deceased grandmother. Once she established the lead she never let got of it and handily owned her Mount Olympus run.


Christopher Watts

Christopher’s Olympus run wasn’t even close. While Frank Sansonetti got caught on the rollers after catching an early lead, Christopher was able to handily complete the trial.


Jess Griffith

The 27-year-old former trauma ER nurse from the Ozarks participated in one of the show’s scarier Mount Olympus runs. Her rival, Jasmin Gunn, ended up suffering a nasty fall that resulted in an injured ankle. Jasmine fought through it but it wasn’t enough to best Jess, who advanced to the next round.


You can catch The Titan Games Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC. 

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