First, who is Lauren from Back with the Ex?

Fans of Back With the Ex know there’s not much information out there about the cast members on the show. Luckily, we scoured the web for info on Lauren and (ew!) her ex, Erik. 

When we first meet the 34-year-old beauty, she mentions she can’t wait to get married. “Most of my girlfriends are all married with children,” she tells the camera, “I’m living the single life and they’re leading the married life. I just can’t wait to get married.”

She and Erik were together for six years and “broke up six times over six years, so we averaged once a year,” as Erik tells it (that’s also the total number of times they’ve ever had sex, but — we digress). After initially meeting over 11 years ago at a party “on the dance floor,” the on-again-off-again couple finally decided to call it quits after Erik proved too controlling and not committed enough to their relationship. 

“I haven’t experienced that type of meaningful love with anyone else but Erik controlled our relationship,” Lauren says ahead of their meeting. “Erik was a workaholic and made the rules in regards to how often I got to see him, which was one day a week.”

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