But after 10 years of doing the show — first as a web series, then on Comedy Central — Abbi and Ilana are ready to grow beyond their characters and call Broad City quits once and for all. “I’m finally starting to process it now,” Ilana said in an interview with The New York Times. “It feels like we have two babies, who are our inner children, and we’re sending them off to college. You don’t need us anymore.”

As Abbi sees it: “It’ll be crazy for us to get together and have dinner and not talk about the show and just, have fun,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “We’re excited for the space to eat and laugh and drink.”

While we’re sad to see these broads go, we can definitely respect a show that ends when it’s time instead of dragging it out until it eventually gets canceled. If only Search Party had done the same thing… But, we digress

Don’t miss the Broad City Season 5 premiere on Comedy Central (if you have it) tonight at 10 p.m.

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