What did Scaramucci say about Trump in the Big Brother house? 

Unlike his White House predecessor Omarosa Manigault Newman, who shared revealing details about her time working with the president, The Mooch remained surprisingly tight-lipped. 

However, he did call out Trump for his love of tweeting. “One of the things he used to love was — he’d shoot the tweet and he’d be watching TV and boom, breaking news and there was the tweet. It was on the news. Just think about it,” he said on the show. 

“At that time, he probably had 20 million Twitter followers, now he’s got probably 60, but he said, ‘I’ve got 20 million Twitter followers, how many people read the Wall Street Journal? Two million? So I’ve got ten times the power of the Wall Street Journal, oh and by the way, I shoot it off the satellite, it lands on everybody’s newsfeed.’ So he figured that out and exploited it big time. He played it like a fiddle and, by the way, he still is.”

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