Who hasn’t been in the situation where they bump into an acquaintance and would rather pretend they were invisible and walk the other way? One person shared a trick their wife calls “the simplest most manipulative thing” they do, but it works wonders in making the other person feel good and will have them wanting to leave the stop-and-chat even more than you.

Here’s how the conversation could go:

You: Hey! How’s it going, [name]? You look good!
Them: Thanks, I’m good. How are you?
You: Great! I’m on my way to [wherever you’re headed] because [why you’re headed there]. What are you doing here?
Them: [Go into the same level of detail to explain where they’re going and why].
You: Ok! I won’t keep you any longer then, have a good day, [name]!

These tricks will make you seem like a better person and will have you feeling like one, too. You can thank us later.

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