The Dunder Mifflin gang is reuniting for a documentary about their hit TV show, The Office

Robert Shafer, better known as Bob Vance on the NBC comedy, confirmed the exciting news on Facebook. 

“We are producing a documentary on The Office entitled That’s What She Said (And They Said Too!),” read an email the actor received. “We will be delving into the history of the highest streamed show currently on Netflix, with anecdotes from cast, crew, creators, fandom culture, and how the show successfully addressed the larger social issue of the times.” 

While it is unclear if main cast members like Steve Carell (Michael Scott), John Krasinski (Jim), Jenna Fischer (Pam) or Rainn Wilson (Dwight) will be featured in the documentary, Robert did reveal that filming will start in April and will be released on the 15th anniversary of the series, which takes place in March 2020. 

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