“She also got upset once before then she was no longer part of the talk show,” Kandi explained, referring to Tamar’s firing from The Talk. “A few of us who are friends with her, we were all invited at different times to be guests on the show, and when we became guests on the show — co-hosting or whatever — she got upset with us and unfollowed all of us on social media.” 

She continued, “So, that’s what I mean, throughout our lives, there have been multiple times when we’ll be cool, then she get mad, then she’ll unfollow us, then she decide she be back cool, then she get mad and unfollow us.” 

Sigh. Can’t we all just get along? 

As expected, CBB viewers are hoping Tamar and Kandi can squash their beef and surprise everyone by working together — or at least create some new music. “Tamar and Kandi should use their time to make a hit. They can make money from big brother get more fans, while working on music on their spare time in the house,” one viewer tweeted while another added, “I need Tamar and Kandi to be teamed up the rest of the season for literally everything go in an alliance together or something.” 

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