Kondo’s sweetness and enthusiasm are so widely regarded, people who have criticized her end up feeling bad, like Jennifer Wright, who jokingly called Kondo “a monster” for telling people to keep no more than 30 books in their home at a time. 

Marie actually never said this, though; it’s a gross misquote of her claim that she herself usually keeps around 30 books in the home at any one time.

A Washington Post op-ed also blasted Kondo for her “war against books” but I’d argue, along with a lot of other people that Kondo doesn’t have a problem with literature: just a problem with deluding yourself into thinking you “need” something in your home when you really don’t.

I love reading and literature — so much so, I put myself in mounds of debt for an MFA in creative writing, and a bachelor’s Degree in literature, along with journalism and theater. I read a ton, but how many physical books are you going to read at once? Are you trying to build a personal library in your home? And, as a good friend of mine says, shouldn’t you want to be the kind of person who’s written about in books, rather than the person who’s reading about great exploits from the comfort of your couch? I’m with Kondo on this one, that’s what libraries and 1-cent books from Amazon are for.

That being said, I’ve probably got over 200 books in my house and I’ve probably cracked open one of them in the last three years.

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