It also doesn’t hurt that you’re getting a little tipsy, which helps numb you to whatever pain and congestion your cold brought on, which is always a plus.

If you’re like me and have a certain fake-cowboy image you’re trying to uphold, you could just drink your whiskey neat and call it a day. But if you like to, you know, actually enjoy your alcohol like some kind of flavor-centric wimp, you could always craft a cocktail like a hot toddy.

This Imgur user’s come up with a pretty great recipe, but the premise is the same: you make yourself a hot cinnamon/honey/lemon tea mixture. You can even go crazy and add some turmeric and ginger. The heat of the beverage will help soothe your throat and open up your nasal passages. The honey sweetens the beverage and also soothes your throat, and some lemon rind will give you a boost of vitamin C while helping to break down some built-up mucus in your gullet. Mix some booze into that and voila.

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