This week, Netflix will debut a heavily anticipated documentary about one of the most notorious serial killers in American history, Ted Bundy. 

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes is cobbled together from more than 150 hours of audio interviews the rapist and murderer given to journalist Stephen Michaud in the weeks before his 1989 execution.

Though the doc will offer a deep dive into the mind of Ted and the fates of the 30+ women he murdered, it’s not likely to explore his personal life and family much. Here, we’ll try to answer some of your questions about his marriage, siblings, and whether Bundy has a daughter.

Was Ted Bundy married?

Bundy was charming, cunning, and charismatic, which helped him escape jail a couple times. He also used those skills to woo and even marry a woman during his trial, former coworker Carole Ann Boone.

Bundy met Carole while working together at the Department of Energy Services in Washington, and she believed he was innocent before he made his post-conviction confessions.

She moved to Florida to be closer, and they got married in 1980 due to a legal loophole Bundy — a law school dropout — found in Florida’s code. The statute made it so that, if two people declared before a judge their desire to marry, they were ipso facto married on the spot. When he questioned Carole as a character witness while acting as his own attorney, Bundy asked if she wanted to marry him and, when she said yes, replied that he wanted to marry her as well, then announced to the court they were officially wed.

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