Couples are ready to take a bite of the forbidden fruit in the rebooted series Temptation Island. The USA network reality show features four couples who will put their relationships through the ultimate test. Yes, we’re talking about dating other people.

These four couples are all at a crossroads in their relationships and are wondering if they should be together. So, why not go on a reality television show, right? 

The couples have been split up and are left in a house with 12 single men and 12 single woman looking to find love on a remote island. Dating is encouraged, but taking things to the next level will seemingly end a few existing relationships.  


So, as things start to heat up in paradise, will these couples be able to resist temptation as they’re separated for more than 20 days? 

Unfortunately from the trailer, we’re guessing not all of them will be successful. 

Where is Temptation Island 2019 filmed?

Temptation Island is taking four couples to paradise! The show is the ultimate fantasy, as these couples are soaking up the sun in Maui. 

From the premiere, the tropical sun definitely turned up the heat for the participating singles and couples, as clothes were shed, bathing suits were put on, and the alcohol flowed. With little to no clothing in the Hawaiian heat, temptation is rearing its ugly head. 


Here’s what you need to know about the couples:

These four couples are not sure if their partners are “the one.” Well, we all know how successful a reality television show can be on a relationship. 

Javen and Shari have been dating since they were both 16 years old. Now 25, they don’t know if they should take the next step in their relationship and tie the knot. 

It seems there are still trust issues in this relationship since Shari caught her man cheating on her years ago in college. Will these high school sweethearts get off the island still in tact? 


Karl and Nicole have been in a committed relationship for nearly three years, but there is still some skepticism on both ends in the trust department, especially since Nicole was also dating another guy when she and Karl initially got together. We all know what Karl is thinking: “How you win them, is how you lose them.”


John and Kady met on the dating app Bumble and have been in a relationship for three years. While their dating experience has not been a smooth ride, John is hoping this experience on the show will make Kady stop questioning his masculinity. Will this show finally prove to Kady that John is an “Alpha male?”


And last but not least are Evan and Kaci, who have been dating on and off for 10 years — though only exclusive for five years — and Kaci is ready to walk down the aisle. However, something is holding Evan back and he is not too keen on proposing just yet. While Kaci’s family feel she’s “living in sin” with her long-term boyfriend, Evan is not yet ready to make the leap. 

Will Temptation Island change his mind on marriage to Kaci for better … or worse?


Watch the drama unfold on Temptation Island on Tuesdays at 11 p.m. on the USA network.

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