The childhood traumas never stop! I feel like this thread was just a generous invitation for the 5,000 people who responded to get a free, short therapy session. “When I was around 3 years old, I was playing outside,” begins another woeful tale. “My sister at the time was around 4, almost 5. I was crawling around and my garage door was slightly open.”

“My sister being the great person she is thought she’d help by opening the door more,” they continue. “What she didn’t realize was the door has to go down before it goes up. This was in the days before sensors, so the garage door shut on my head. She panicked and proceeded to click the button repeatedly. I laid there screaming while the garage door opened and closed on my head.” 

This kind of thing makes me wonder whether new moms are being overly protective of their kin. I mean, those of us who grew up with our heads repeatedly slammed by garage doors, before the days of sensors, ended up quite all right.

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