How many “parts” does Jane have?

According to teaser clips and trailers ahead of tonight’s show, it seems Jane has at least nine separate identities, or “parts,” as she calls them. These range in age from 6-28 years old, and one in particular, Jaden, is aged 11. Jane recalls that this was around the age she was abused, and posits that Jaden might be the identity that protects Jane’s memories from around that age.

In an interview with the Today Show, Jane even revealed that one of her “parts” is a lesbian, though she herself is a heterosexual female. “The goal is not to get rid of my parts,” she explained, but to make her disparate identities work better in unison. She also wants to get rid of the stigmas, which she calls “really thick,” around the condition and to give others an intimate, unfiltered look into her journey.

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