However, people are thinking that AJ and Stephanie won’t be the ones to go. The reason they’re so convinced? Their old, old, geriatric age of being in their mid-to-late thirties. 

“I like the idea of older couples because of maturity and understanding relationship needs. And a bit of desperation that they’re not missing out on their single 20s because that’s not the case,” writes one person ahead of tonight’s episode. 

“I feel like casting an older couple will get you one of two extremes on a show like this,” writes another. “On the one hand, you’ll find some people that understand how a relationship should work and what is really important, and they’ll set aside some of the pettiness out of appreciation and maybe desperation for the chance at having a successful marriage. On the other hand, of course, you get the people that are set in their ways and stuck.” 

We’re thinking AJ and Stephanie will be the former.

Someone else chimed in to add, “I know AJ is very energetic and not many people are fans of him, but I am really rooting for that couple.”

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