A Chinese guy has a play button shaved on his head after the barber saw the paused video of the haircut design.

  • Barber shaved a play button on his customer’s head
  • The client showed a paused video of the model’s haircut instead of a screenshot photo
  • The hair stylist mistook it as part of the design as the patron confirmed it without realizing
Instead of a screenshot the man showed the barber a paused video of a model he wanted to look like.

The stylist had asked his client if he really wanted the triangles on his head and he replied in the affirmative without understanding the question.

The barber thought the triangle was part of the style and decided to go all out since the customer is so into it and shave two into his head – one on each side.

Watch the video

On the bright side, despite the hair disaster, the guy has decided to embrace it and was surprisingly pleased and more confident with his new look.

The incident posted on Weibo has received more than 20,000 comments, more than 78,000 likes and it has also been shared more than 22,000 times.

Via: Shanghai.ist