Salisbury, CT

Unlike others in this list, actress Meryl Streep has never left her small town roots. She’s been a resident of Salisbury for years, raising her children there and living in a rustic home that’s barely visible from the road. According to a 1986 article published in Ladies’ Home Journal, not even the locals are star-struck by her:

To them, Meryl Streep is just another resident. Many Salisburians haven’t even seen the film for which she now commands $3.5 million apiece: The town doesn’t have a single movie theater, only half the area has cable TV, and while there’s a large community of writers and artists, most of the locals are farmers without the time for or interest in watching anyone’s movies on TV. To her neighbors, Meryl Streep is just another mother in an old sweat-shirt – white is her preferred color, in extra-large. Just another mother who sits with her children at the local drugstore sipping old-fashioned ice-cream sodas or who pops into Harris Foods to shop for homemade salads or cakes or who cheers Henry on when he plays hockey with his teammates at Salisbury Central Public School.

In the same article, Meryl said she prefers to be inconspicuous rather than have the standard Hollywood treatment. “I’d much prefer not to have all the attention and adulation, people going berserk when they see me in public,” she said. “Actually, I’m sort of boring, except for this incredibly fascinating career I have. Day to day, you know, I’m just like everybody else.”

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