So, did the Winders find a third sister wife? 

From the looks of Colton’s Facebook page, it seems the Winders are still seeking a third wife. And it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, seeing as Tami — who was married to Colton for eight years before adding a second wife, Sophie — revealed she struggled with sharing her husband.  

“In the beginning, it was a little more common to feel jealous,” she explained. “It was really hard for me to not say, like, ‘What does she have that I don’t?’ And it took a while to understand that, even though we’re different, we are connected by one common thing, and that’s Colton.” 

This does not mean that Tami is regretting her decision to become a polygamist. “Even though I don’t come from a plural family, living plural marriage was something I wanted to do,” she explained. “But if I’m being honest, it was something I didn’t think would happen until we died and went to heaven. It was something I didn’t even talk to Colton about until after we were married and we were both pleasantly surprised that we both believe in plural. So, I think it was meant to be.” 

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