“That’s not all the character is,” she asserts. “That’s not all I am. I’m a sister and I’m a daughter and I’m a girlfriend. And I would like to go out for more of those roles.” 

In fact, as much as there’s been a recent push for inclusion in Hollywood, this has meant portraying different races, genders and sexualities — but they seem to be forgetting the largest minority of them all: disability, which affects 1 in 5 Americans today.

When the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative studied nearly 50,000 characters in 1,100 top films from the past ten years, the lack of disability representation was baffling. Of the top 100 films from 2017, only 2.5 percent of the characters had disabilities. (Let’s not even get into how many of them were portrayed by actors who actually had disabilities.) When you compare this number with the roughly 20 percent of Americans who live with disabilities, the exclusion is jarring. 

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