Sure, it’s easy to remember the adult cast of Lost — Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austen) is still one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses and Naveen Andrews, aka Sayid Jarrah, is currently on our TV screens as Julian Cousins on Instinct. But what about the child actors who stole the spotlight on the ABC series, whether across multiple seasons or just briefly in those iconic flashbacks? 

Well, we did some digging and found the young stars today. Surprise: many of them are still acting! For example, Jack Shephard’s son David was portrayed by Dylan Minnette — who you might recognize from the insanely popular 13 Reasons Why. And Malcolm David Kelley (Walt Lloyd), who was just 12 years old when he made his debut on Lost, is still acting nearly one decade after the finale. 

 How time flies! Keep scrolling to see your favorite child actors from Lost then and now! 

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