And LaRoyce has some ideas for what his character should do next. “At this point, I would love to dig deeper into all of the fields,” he told The Knockturnal. “I think you’ve see Atwater be the heart and the muscle, you’ve seen him be something like a family guy, we’ve seen him be that confidant that his friends can depend on.  Now it’s time for us to see how he loves and I’m excited about that, and hopefully, we plant the seed for him love more.”

What happens next — Chicago P.D. spoilers:

We are definitely excited to see how each characters’ storylines play out until the end of season 6. Though, at Chicago P.D. anyone can be on the chopping block. 

In a promo for next week’s episode titled “Outrage,” detective Halstead and the gang chase down a heroin supplier, but cross paths with an old foe that was recently released from prison. 

Jay’s history with the convicted criminal will cause drama for the team as they try to send him back to prison. 

So, as the promo states: “Is it justice, or payback?” 

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