If you’re a fan of looking at moons and eclipses and have an affinity for death metal band names and the color red, then boy does Mother Nature have a treat for you this weekend. This Sunday night going into Monday morning, we’re going to experience a trifecta of celestial goodness: a Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse. I know, I know it sounds amazing.

The first thought that’s probably running through your head right now is, “there’s no way that’s an actual, scientific name for a natural phenomena” and if I didn’t know any better, I’d agree with you. If my science teachers in school taught me that this kind of stuff was going on in the world, I probably would’ve been more interested in all STEM studies and not just recess and what unwanted snack cakes I could scavenge from kids during lunch time.

But the name is the real deal, and it comes from a set of really rare phenomena culminating in a singular, dazzling spectacle. First, we’ve got a super moon, then a wolf moon, and a “blood moon” lunar eclipse.

Let’s break down what each of these three separate moon variations are.

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