When we’re introduced to Meg and Jeremy, he sums up how they first met: “We met at a party when I was 17. I remember I was thinking that Meg was hot. She’s hot, she looked really, just, hot. I do think I was punching above my weight. I don’t know how she ended up liking me, but I felt loved, she made me feel loved.”

From the get-go, they’re totally up and down, which Jeremy reveals early on when he notes, “There’s definitely two sides of Meg: there’s like, the fun and happy Meg, and then there’s the angry, bitchy Meg.”

Gee, I wonder why that couple didn’t work out. Although the show brought this couple back together in the last episode, from the looks of Jeremy’s Instagram, it seems the Sydney-based fisherman is enjoying single life these days.

Cam and Kate

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