Have you ever loved something so much that you want to wear visages of it on your feet? No? What about your pets?

A lot of us are devoted to the cuddly animal friends we care for on a daily basis. Some people could even be called “obsessive” or “crazy” for how much they go out of their way for their pets.

You ever see those people pushing their chihuahuas in strollers? Or feeding them $30 slabs of grass-fed beef from Whole Foods on the regular? I’d imagine many would agree that that kind of behavior is a bit much. 

But there are some obsessive pet lovers who go out of their way to do things that are pretty great, even if they are a bit much. Like people who do photoshoots or birthdays with their pets.

But this company, Cuddle Clones, wants to take your pet obsession even further. They specialize in recreating your furry friends in the form of cuddly, warm, fuzzy slippers you can rock around your house.

Picture it: you’re chilling on the couch watching Netflix, your trusty French bulldog is at your side, and on your feet. In slipper form. Dangling as your eyes glaze over and you go from episode to episode before falling asleep surrounded by your pet’s face. Nice.

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