In his post, he comments that he was raised by women and gives props to his granny, calling her “the matriarch.” As if he wasn’t just so darn lovable already. Thanks a lot for raising the bar for people everywhere, Jason.

In all seriousness, it’s nice to see a Hollywood star who hasn’t forgotten where he came from, especially in light of the success he’s enjoying for Aquaman.

After a string of critically panned films that failed to have long-term box office, DC is enjoying consistently high-yield weekend grosses for Aquaman. To date, the film has earned over $1 Billion worldwide. Not a bad return for the film’s $160 million production budget. Many attribute the movie’s success to Momoa’s performance and star power, and talks for a sequel are already underway.

So Jason’s got a lot to smile about. But even before his success in the DCU, Khal Drogo was known for enthusiasm and huge personality.

Like these pics with couples he took at conventions.

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