For the first time in Married at First Sight history, a couple met before walking down the aisle. Luke Cuccurullo, who hosts a speed-dating event in Philadelphia, instantly recognized his wife-to-be Kate Sisk from his romantic side gig. 

But it wasn’t technically a good thing for the 31- year-old civil engineer.  

“My bride is walking down the aisle and she looks absolutely beautiful,” he said on the show. “But I recognized her immediately… I don’t think she recognized me. I’m very surprised because we met like three weeks ago. I didn’t want to say anything mid-ceremony, especially with a bunch of people around, like our friends and family, I don’t want to spoil anything.” 

Luke finally broke the news to Kate, 28, after they exchanged vows, but it was still extremely awkward for the Tim Tebow lookalike. 

On the other hand, Kate was more than happy with her chosen husband, telling the cameras, “He has a good sense of humor, I think he’s very attractive, I’m feeling a little spark so I hope he feels the same.”

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