A dog was left horrifically scarred and burned from fireworks in this another animal cruelty and shockingly it is done by a group of children.

  • Dog was fed with lit fireworks by a child
  • The fireworks exploded causing severe burns on the canine and was taken to a vet
  • The incident happened during holiday season in in San Lorenzo, Paraguay


According to reports group were playing with the explosives when one child called the animal over then lit the fuse and allowed the dog to grab it with its mouth.

Moments later, it exploded!
The dog was severely injured and burned and was rushed to vet Dalia Benitez in San Lorenzo, Paraguay.

The incident happened during Christmas period which cause outrage among locals who noted that firefighters has been warning people about the use of firecrackers and fireworks during this time.

On the other, in the Facebook post Celeste Florentin Aponte who shared the gruesome images of animal cruelty stating:

“The first victim of Christmas. Patient hospitalised thanks to the foundation Maris Llorens. The vet Dalia Benitez attended her and the dog now is being taken care of by me. God helps her because she is very injured and with multiple fractures in the mouth. When are they going to understand that firecrackers hurt a lot and cause lot of pain?”

Via: Metro