Around 2007, Orlando traded the green-screen in for the stage, first appearing in David Storey’s London production of In Celebration, then on Broadway in the titular role of Romeo and Juliet. Just last summer, he took on the role of a misogynistic “sociopath” contract killer in the eponymous Killer Joe

“I was asked about [Killer Joe] a year ago, then it came back around, and I just wanted to change the conversation from Pirates and Legolas to something more dynamic, dark and interesting,” he told BBC at the time. Orlando made headlines during the play’s short run for stopping mid-show when he caught audience members on their iPads. 

Though the reviews were rather scathing, most outlets agreed the best part of the play was getting to see Orlando’s naked butt. “I challenge anyone to explain Letts’ play fully, but you come out of this unsettling, nasty, amusing evening knowing that you have had an experience,” wrote The Times.

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